Why QualTopics™?

Fast & Affordable

  • Set-up and fielding for QualTopics™ is dramatically faster than other traditional qualitative options.
    And without adding to the length of your project, it keeps additional costs to a minimum.

No Geographical Constraints

  • Due to the nature of the QualTopics™ tool, there are less reach constraints compared to more traditional qualitative approaches.
    Additionally, it’s even easier to reach that particularly “difficult” segment you’d like to talk to!

Deeper Insight

  • With QualTopics™, you can gain deeper insight into your respondents’ thoughts, feelings, and motivations that you wouldn’t be able to uncover in a quantitative survey alone. These real-time results can help dramatically reduce your research cycle time by providing additional understanding and insight, that otherwise would have been left untapped.

Respondent Anonymity

  • QualTopics™ can provide complete anonymity for respondents, which creates an environment in which they can fully express themselves openly and honestly. So no matter how sensitive the subject, your respondents will feel comfortable and confident sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Skilled Online Moderators

  • Each of our moderators has completed an intensive two-month long training course that gives them a solid foundation and focused expertise in conducting successful qualitative research specifically tailored to the online space.

Extensive Deliverables

  • With our cutting-edge QualTopics™ software, we can provide you with an extensive list of deliverable options that will give you the most out of your chats. Whether it be a qualitative report or our Theme report, our deliverables can convey your consumers’ thoughts and feelings in a way that best fits your research needs.