What is QualTopics™?

QualTopics™ is an online, text-based qualitative research tool which allows a moderator to chat live, one-on-one with a respondent, using a platform similar to instant message, to gain deeper insight into opinions and perceptions. QualTopics™ provides high impact research to further uncover valuable consumer insights which can help guide your key strategic business decisions.

No matter what phase of the research cycle you are in, QualTopics™ can help you gain valuable understanding and insight into your consumers’ thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and experiences that may have been left inarticulate through standard quantitative questioning alone.

QualTopics™ can be utilized one of two ways:

  • QualTopics Crystal can be seamlessly integrated into your quantitative survey, which allows our moderators to intercept respondents at any one given pre-determined point during, or immediately after, the survey, and gain a deeper qualitative understanding of respondents’ quantitative answers.
  • QualTopics Explore is a pure qualitative objective, and does not operate in conjunction with a quantitative survey. We can target your specific consumer audience, and allow our skilled moderators to have a more in-depth conversation with them to uncover the insights that will give you the feedback you need.